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We help our customers increase sales through data-driven decisions and actions. We have been creating sustainable partnerships since 2018 (formerly 2018). Digital agency Jsimago).

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🚀 Sales rose by almost 35% by optimizing e-commerce, in one month | HallaxHalla 🚀 380% ROAS for ticket sales | HJK 🚀 4-fold increase in contacts | Salaojamestarit Oy 🚀 200% Conversion upwards | Social media influencer Vanelja

Meta-advertising (FB/IG)

Case: HJK


return on ad spend

We build websites that are proven to bring more customers, online stores, which sell, and digital marketing, which is genuinely profitable.

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We specialize in making high-quality, selling, and polished websites for companies. Whether your goal is to increase sales, introduce your company, or introduce your contacts, With the experience of over 300 sites.

E-commerce for business

At Growly, we make high-quality WooCommerce as well as Shopify online stores that sell efficiently, look great, and are easy to use. 

search engine optimization seo

When SEO strategy is implemented correctly, it gets customers for your site who are already looking for your services in search engines. *Pssst... this is like free money.

Facebook and Instagram advertising are an effective way to reach new customers - who may have never even heard of your service.

Google advertising

With billions of people using Google every day, you can be sure that there are people among them who are looking for your service.

Brand design

As a marketing agency, we know that a brand that is done right will speak to your customer in the right way and engage your customers in the long run.

Who is Growly made for?

Growly is aimed at companies of all sizes. We want our website and digital marketing services to be bought by small businesses as well, this allows us to grow small businesses into medium and large ones.

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