"There HAS to be a better way"

We stared at the computer screen in shock.

“How can they charge us THAT much for THIS!?”

Me and my friends had thought of starting an ecommerce store in the summer of 2018. And we were looking for an agency that could help us with all things digital.

But all of the offers we got were flawed…

… some were completely out of our (and, truth be told, most businesses’) budgets.

… some didn’t even listen to us during our calls.

… some took FOREVER to answer, and wanted to create everything from scratch (expensive).

But worst of all, they didn’t seem to understand WHY we wanted a website.

(To drive sales…!)

And that’s when it hit me.

Why would we start an ecommerce store and battle with thousands of others, when it was obvious we could serve those companies instead?

By creating websites and stores that work.

And sell.

The idea got me so fired up that I didn’t waste any time. 

The business was up and running the week after.

Our goals in the beginning were clear:

  1. Focus on and listen to clients
  2. Be efficient
  3. Keep everyone in the loop
  4. And deliver something we’d happily sign our names to


“Let’s focus on this and the rest will come”, we agreed.

And it did.

We got our first (and second) client one month in.

Fast-forward to now, 3 years later, and we’ve now served over 70 businesses in 5 countries. 

We still operate with the same mentality. And that’s why we’re growing so rapidly. Even during a global pandemic.

(Before I forget, do you want to join our ranks? Then head over to our career page.)

But we don’t commit to every project we’re asked to take on.

Over the years we’ve been asked to do a number of different projects than we usually do.

We’ve declined most of those opportunities.


Because we only take on work we KNOW will yield you a positive ROI.

And if we accepted every type of marketing project out there, we’d lower your ROI.

I won’t allow that to happen.

Here are the four types of work we exceed in at Growly:

  • Ecommerce stores
  • Converting websites
  • Brand design
  • Growth hacking

We’re not specialists in content marketing, so we don’t offer content marketing services. We’re not specialists in cold outreach, so we don’t offer those services either. 

But we are experts at creating online stores that sell, websites that convert, brand design that captivates, and growth hacking that is well worth the investment.

And we’d love to make your business our next success story to add to the growing list.

Best regards,

Santeri Turunen
Founder & CEO

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

We couldn’t find a suitable digital agency for our own ecommerce venture. So we created one.


No one left behind, no one not informed.


We listen to understand. Not to reply.


We're experts in everything digital. Nothing is set in stone.

Our skills & expertise

It’s impossible to create standout work repeatedly without true professionals who are given the freedom to push the envelope. That’s why we’ve focused on amassing the greatest talent this side of the equator.

E-commerce Stores
Brand Strategy & Brand Design
Modern and Converting Websites
Growth Hacking

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