Ahosen Nursery Ltd

Ahonen Nursery: Seedlings with 11x advertising revenue - Above targets.

Ahonen Nurseries: Exceeding Goals with a New Online Store and Effective Advertising

Ahonen Nurseries is a well-known name to many gardening enthusiasts, and the company's quality nursery products have delighted customers for years. As the importance of digital presence has grown, Ahonen Nurseries chose Growly as its partner in the field of e-commerce and digital marketing. Our collaboration has already produced amazing results, and best of all, the partnership continues.

Why Shopify?

The transition from WooCommerce to the Shopify platform is a big step, and Growly's expertise and experience with Shopify made this transition as smooth as possible. Shopify offers numerous advantages, such as excellent usability and user-friendly marketing tools.

Advertising Results – and the Journey Continues

We have invested especially in Google and Meta advertising (Facebook and Instagram), and the results have been encouraging. The ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) we achieved in advertising has been as high as 11.07, which has exceeded all our expectations. This means that money invested in ads has returned on average elevenfold.

Ongoing Collaboration

It's important to note that our collaboration with Ahonen Nurseries does not end here. We are committed to continuous improvement and optimization, and we look forward to what the future will bring.

Client's Responsibility and the Importance of Collaboration

Ahonen Nurseries' active role in our collaboration has been key to the project's success. Their commitment and willingness to cooperate have enabled us together to achieve set goals – and exceed them.


The cooperation between Ahonen Nurseries and Growly is an ongoing success story. We have exceeded expectations regarding the new online store and digital marketing, and we continue to work together towards even greater achievements.

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