GRLSWIRL strengthens its market position with a new online store

GRLSWIRL Thrives with E-commerce Overhaul and Strengthens Its Position in International Markets

Despite a tight schedule, we successfully assisted GRLSWIRL in revamping their online store. The e-commerce implementation for the world's largest female skateboarding community focused on growing the business by improving user-friendliness and streamlining the shopping experience.

The makeover has opened doors to new opportunities, as shortly thereafter GRLSWIRL announced a partnership with Roxy. The alliance between the global sportswear manufacturer and the skateboarding community has increased GRLSWIRL's visibility and solidified its brand positioning in international markets.


GRLSWIRL is a community of skateboarding women founded in 2018. The mission of the community is to connect people globally by fostering a sense of community through skateboarding.

In just a few years, GRLSWIRL has grown from a handful of founding members to a global community with hundreds of thousands of members worldwide. GRLSWIRL is actively operating in locations like Venice, Paris, Lisbon, New York, and San Diego, with the list consistently expanding.

GRLSWIRL has collaborated with many world-famous brands, including Google, Facebook, AIRBNB, Levis, Dickies, Subaru, Samsung, LYFT, and Roxy, among others. The world's largest female skateboarding community has also garnered extensive coverage, from NBC News to Oprah Magazine.

GRLSWIRL's vision is to create a network of skateboarding communities where everyone is welcome, regardless of background. The purpose of these local and online communities is to empower members and positively impact people through skateboarding and grassroots community work.

Read more about GRLSWIRL and explore the updated online store here.

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