Hello Hello – Sales increased by 34% by optimizing the online store

Halla Halla is the first Finnish ecological bikini brand, which isn't just about flashy colors.

Halla Halla originally sought out Growly for something completely different than marketing. However, we realized right from the start how much untapped potential there was in Halla Halla's online store and we informed the customer about this. There wasn't exactly one clear initial problem, but rather several small things to optimize, such as site speed, clarity of the purchasing path, search engine visibility, communication, and paid advertising.

What is Halla Halla?

"We are a design duo who studied fashion design in Finland and always knew we wanted to do something unique. Halla Halla started from our shared passion for the ocean and ethically made sustainable swimwear. We spent many years in the beautiful but cold Finland and then traveled the world to surf, enjoy the sun, and explore different cultures. We want to spread the sunshine and happiness we have gained from our experiences to different places around the world as well as to share our passion for sustainability and mind-blowing designs. This is how Halla Halla was born and we can proudly say we are the first sustainable swimwear brand in Finland."

- www.hallaxhalla.com

Starting point

Halla Halla's great strength is its visibility on social media and the resulting organic traffic on the site. Due to the large traffic, even a small improvement in conversion can lead to significant increases in sales. Halla Halla is also a sought-after and well-known brand, which makes it easier for ads to resonate with the target audience and for interested customers to make a purchase more easily.


Week 1:

Getting acquainted with Halla Halla's metrics, and especially the customer. To work effectively, we need to understand who the customer is and why they purchase. Examining site traffic, listing metrics, and defining goals

Week 2:

Site improvements, conversion optimization, and starting SEO optimization

Weeks 3-4:

Designing and implementing ad texts and visuals together with the customer. Publishing ads and monitoring the results

First month's results in a nutshell

  • Conversion improvement +32.8% (compared to 2021)

  • February sales increase +34.1% (compared to 2020 and 2021)

  • FB ads ROAS* 530%, meaning the ads produced about five times the sales amount compared to the sum spent on them (*Return on ad spend)


"Growly has been an invaluable resource for us. We never would have guessed that the results could be this good. You guys are fast and efficient. And you always manage to solve problems. Can't recommend you enough to others!!"

– Hanna Chalvet, co-founder of Halla Halla