Riva Clothing

Riva Clothing - Google advertising with a 940% return on advertising spend

Growly Ltd has been implementing continuous Google Ads-based marketing collaboration with Riva Clothing. The project also included the renewal of the Shopify online store. The goal has been to increase Riva Clothing's sales and improve its visibility in the digital environment.

Work done:
Shopify online store renewal:
  • User interface improvements

  • User experience optimization

Google Ads collaboration:
  • Constantly updated advertising campaigns

  • Targeted advertising for Riva Clothing products

  • Results monitoring and optimization

Conversion optimization:
  • Continuous testing and analysis to improve the conversion rate

Achieved results:
  • ROAS in Google Ads: 940%

    • Relative to advertising expenditure, every invested euro has yielded a 9.4-fold return.


Growly Ltd's ongoing Google marketing collaboration with Riva Clothing has produced significant growth in advertising revenue. Our fruitful cooperation continues.