Tallipihan Suklaapuoti

Tallipihan Suklaapuoti: Chocolate from the web with 935% advertising revenue

 Suklaata verkosta 935% mainostuotolla

Tallipihan Suklaapuoti & Growly: Collaboration Generates 935% Advertising Return

The Courtyard Chocolate Shop is a deliciously good company that wins over sweet-toothed hearts. When they wanted to expand their digital footprint, they turned to Growly. The results speak for themselves: our collaboration has yielded an incredible 935% return on ad spend (ROAS), and we continue our successful partnership in the digital advertising field.

Power of Meta and Google Advertising

At the onset of our collaboration, we set stringent objectives for both Meta and Google advertising. When these two forces combined, we achieved a staggering 935% ROAS.

Meta Advertising

Meta advertising has proven to be particularly profitable, and our campaigns on Facebook and Instagram have strongly resonated with the target audience.

Google Advertising

Google advertising has been equally central to our marketing strategy, supporting the growth of online store traffic and helping to reach new customers.

Ongoing Collaboration

The impressive ROAS figures are just the tip of the iceberg. Our partnership with The Courtyard Chocolate Shop is long-term and focuses on achieving continuous success in the field of digital marketing.

The Client's Role

It is important to emphasize that our collaboration's success is not by chance. The Courtyard Chocolate Shop is actively committed to our joint project, and the efforts of both parties are clearly reflected in the results.


The Courtyard Chocolate Shop and Growly have together achieved exceptional results in digital advertising.

If you want to know how your company could benefit from similar success, get in touch with us at Growly.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds!