We increased HJK's ticket sales by over 380% with advertising revenue

Nostimme HJK:n lipunmyyntiä yli 380% mainostuotolla

Starting situation

We started Meta advertising almost from scratch and assisted HJK in initiating Meta advertising, starting from creating a Business Manager account. HJK approached Growly with the goal of increasing online ticket sales. We immediately noticed that there was a lot of need for improvement and started mapping out the most important foundations for getting started. We created a Business Manager account for HJK, defined Pixels, and made a product catalog of ticket shop items.


Week 1:

We got familiar with HJK's numbers and customers. How we get the best results comes from understanding the customers and why they buy. We examined the site traffic and set goals.

Week 2:

  • We created an advertising account in Meta Business Manager

  • We defined the pixel for the ticket shop

  • We created a product catalog of ticket shop items

  • We started Meta & Instagram advertising.


The sales made from advertising revolve around a 380% average yield, which means that the money invested in the ads was recouped about 3.8 times over. All this was achieved solely through Meta advertising.