We emptied the Asenne's inventory using 1173% advertising revenue

We emptied the stocks of Asenne SUP boards in just a month. The story begins with the sudden collaboration between Attitude and Growly.

Attitude approached us, Growly, with a particular challenge. They needed to move their warehouse to a new address, but transferring a full stock would have been troublesome. Therefore, our task was to clear out the warehouse of SUP boards.

When we started marketing activities for Attitude, we noticed that their marketing platforms were only in the early stages, and successes couldn't yet be quantified by numbers. So, we were building from almost ground zero. The beginning was challenging, and it took time to get results. However, after about a week of efforts, the first boards found their owners, and after that, things proceeded much more smoothly.

Here are the results in brief:

  • Period: May-June 2023

  • Inflatable SUP boards were sold out

  • ROAS or Return on Ad Spend: 1173%

  • Advertising platforms used: Meta (FB & IG)

This has been a great and educational experience for us. The whole project has demonstrated how significant an impact well-planned and implemented marketing can have.