We increased the conversion rate of social media influencer Vanelja's online store by 200%

Nostimme verkkokaupan konversiota 200 %

Vanelja's online store offers inspiration for well-being as well as creative solutions for healthy eating and a good life.

Even though Vanelja had inspiring products ready, the online store's visitors did not convert into buyers often enough.

When we met the social media influencer Vanelja, we conducted a comprehensive survey of the then-current situation and devised a plan to improve the online store's conversion rate.


The social media influencer Vanelja, who has over 150 thousand followers, contacted us because the online store's visitors did not often convert into buyers. Although Vanelja had inspiring products, there were other issues with the online store's implementation.

We agreed on a meeting with Vanelja, during which we went more deeply into the situation at the time and the online store's analytics. Because our goal was crystal clear (improving the conversion rate of the online store), we got straight to work.

Once we started the process, we first improved the online store section. We added shopping paths, such as the product page, shopping cart, and checkout. We also transformed the former blog-like homepage into a form suitable for the online store. Finally, we added product sliders, from which a site visitor can easily move to the online store after reading a blog article.


Several months into the collaboration, we have raised Vanelja's online store conversion by 200% upwards. Previously, the online store's conversion rate was about 0.6%, but thanks to conversion optimization, it has risen to the current 1.8-2.4 percent.

The conversion rate is a percentage that measures the transformation of site visitors into customers. For example, a 2% conversion means that 2 out of 100 visitors make a purchasing decision.

Read Vanelja's comments on our work:

"Working with Growly was very smooth, and things progressed at a good pace. Responses to emails came quickly, and the work was done on schedule, if not faster. It was a pleasure to put my website and online store into capable hands. Growly's professionalism was visible in everything they did."

- Virpi Mikkonen, Vanelja