We doubled the conversion of the boxer manufacturer Mähönen's online store

Mähöne is a Finnish underwear house whose goal is to make the world's best underpants.

Mähöne Brothers has quality and a passion for their trade, but the old online store seemed to have fallen behind the times. In addition, the online store was difficult to start developing and expanding.

Mähöne had tried to obtain a new online store from elsewhere before, but the project did not proceed on schedule. When we started our cooperation, we began the renewal without delay.


Mähöne Brothers contacted us when the old online store seemed already behind the times. Since the former online store platform was very limited, it was challenging to start developing the current online store.

Half a year earlier, Mähöne had ordered an entirely new online store from another provider. Because the other provider had not been able to start the project after half a year, Mähöne turned to us. We began the process by going through the problems of the current online store and the objectives of the renovation with Mähöne.

When we started cooperation, the first thing we did was build Mähöne a bilingual online store and we added integrations with various advertising platforms. We completed the project quickly, in just over two weeks. Mähöne was very satisfied with the service received.


Our goal to renew and improve the online store was very successful, as the store's sales have been in an upward trend. Mähöne's online store conversion has increased from 1.5% to 3%.

The conversion percentage is a percentage that measures the transformation of website visitors into customers. For example, a 2% conversion means that 2 out of 100 visitors make a purchase decision. A conversion percentage of 2%-5% is generally considered good.