Law Firm Kaikkonen & Sunnari

We doubled the amount of web traffic for Kaikkonen & Sunnari Law Firm

Kaikkonen & Sunnari is a Helsinki-based law firm specializing in labor law, dispute resolution, litigation, criminal cases, and work and residence permit matters.

We started collaborating with the law firm because the traffic to the old website was modest and it did not convert visitors into potential clients efficiently enough. We set the main goal of the redesign to get more contact requests for the office and thereby more clients.

With the help of the new website, this goal was quickly achieved and even exceeded.


Visitors to the former Kaikkonen & Sunnari Law Firm's website were scarce, and the site did not encourage potential clients to fill out the contact form. Additionally, the page had fallen behind in terms of design.

When we started the design work, we decided to focus entirely on improving website conversion and creating a modern and stylish look. We built the new website on a tight schedule, and in addition to conversion optimization, we performed technical, external and internal search engine optimization. We produced optimized, high-quality site content in collaboration with the office.

We decided to increase the conversion rate even further by installing interactive bots on the site. The new website now includes an inpage bot that helps with visitor activation and collecting contact information. Thanks to the chatbot, starting a conversation is effortless for the customer and the staff can be reached quickly.


Thanks to our search engine optimization, Kaikkonen & Sunnari Law Firm's website is now more readily found on Google and other search engines and the amount of natural or organic web traffic has doubled.

Due to conversion optimization, the site has effectively converted visitors into potential clients and collected contact inquiries multiple times compared to before. With the entire overhaul, the acquisition of new online clients has accelerated, and the law firm has gained new paying clients.

See the Kaikkonen & Sunnari Law Firm's website here:


"The project was conducted in good collaboration, response times were quick, answers were clear, and our views were well taken into account. We are very satisfied with the outcome and will continue our cooperation."

– Tuomas Sunnari, Co-founder of Kaikkonen & Sunnari Law Firm