Puustjärven kello ja kulta

Puustjärven Kello ja Kulta - Google advertising with 1300% ROAS

Google-mainontaa 1300% ROAS:lla

Growly Oy has implemented continuous Google Ads-based marketing for the Puustjärvi Kello ja Kulta store. The aim of the project has been to increase online store sales and improve its visibility in the digital environment.

Work performed:

Google Ads advertising:
  • Designed and implemented continually updating advertising campaigns.

  • Targeted advertising for the products of the Puustjärvi Kello ja Kulta online store.

  • Continuous monitoring and optimization of results.

Achieved results:
  • ROAS in Google Ads: 1300%

    • According to advertising spend, every euro invested has generated a 13-fold return.


The Google Ads advertising strategy implemented by Growly Ltd for the Puustjärvi Kello ja Kulta online store has produced an exceptionally high result. A 1300% ROAS demonstrates the effectiveness of the collaboration and Growly Ltd's ability to achieve significant results in the area of digital marketing.