Vi ökade HJK:s biljettförsäljning med över 380% med reklamutdelning


Vi startade i stort sett Meta-annonseringen från början och hjälpte HJK att börja med Meta-annonseringen från skapandet av ett Business Manager-konto. HJK approached Growly with the goal of increasing online ticket sales. We immediately noticed that there was a lot of need for improvement and started to map out the most important foundations for starting. We created a Business Manager account for HJK, defined the pixels, and created a product catalog for ticket sales.


Vecka 1:

We familiarized ourselves with HJK's figures and the customer. In order to achieve the best results, we need to understand the customers and why they buy. We examined the website traffic and defined the goals.

Vecka 2:

  • We created an advertising account in Meta Business Manager

  • We defined a pixel for the ticket sales

  • We created a product catalog for the ticket sales

  • We started Meta & Instagram advertising.


The sales made from advertising amount to over 380% with an average return, which means that the money invested in advertising was recouped about 3.8 times. All of this solely through Meta advertising.